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About us

is a combination of passion for the automotive industry and family chemical traditions.

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About us


The result of this marriage are Premium class cosmetics, which have been carefully developed by specialists listening to the needs and suggestions of customers and demanding professionals.

We have developed our own recipes using the highest quality raw materials provided by global suppliers. Product development and elaboration in our laboratory ensure safety when using DETURNER cosmetics.

About us


The original vision was to develop a care brand for extremely valuable and one-of-a-kind cars, bringing with it the spirit of the great automotive culture and bringing it into the future.

What started with the Deturner Bloody Wheels formula quickly turned into a complete care line focused on exceptional functionality, subtle elegance and exclusive appearance. Our formula is a closely guarded secret. We have a modern production plant.

Top-quality care provides protection and maintenance for new and worn-out vehicles.


We create a global distribution network consisting of leading wholesalers in the field of car care, as well as highly valued detailing specialists using advanced technologies.

T: +48 509 09 77 77
E: deturner@deturner.com