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ONLY Coating

The Only Coating

High-quality protective coating for paint, intended for amateurs and for professional use. It is characterized by an easy application similar to Quick Detailers, which is why it is especially recommended for beginners. Additionally, it can be applied as a topcoat on other coatings.

It creates surfaces resistant to weather conditions, including micro-scratches and UV radiation, which can destroy the color of the paint. It is resistant to aggressive chemicals, including diluted acids and alkaline.

After application, it provides the effect of crystalline glassiness, slipperiness and a significant darkening of paint and smoothness. As a result, self-cleaning and phenomenal hydrophobicity lasts up to 12 months or 20,000 km / 50 detailing washes.

Chemical resistant between 2-12 ph.
Can be used on surfaces: paints, reflectors, plastics, protective films.
Protection time: 12 months / 20,000 km / 50 detailing washes.
Efficient, 20-30ml is enough for a medium-sized car.
Single-layer, no need to apply a second layer.
Bonds to the surface after just 24 hours.
Fills in micro scratches on car paint well.
Possibility to apply the coating outside.


  • The paint surface must be washed, cleaned of all impurities and, optionally, polished. We suggest mechanical or chemical decontamination and one-step paint correction.
  • Prepare the surfaces by degreasing with Deturner PREPARE, preferably twice.
  • The coating can also be applied outdoors, avoiding excessive sunlight.
  • The ideal working conditions is the temperature in the range of 15-25 ° C.
  • Thoroughly shake bottle with coated.
  • Use high-quality microfiber of different weights for the application. This will guarantee the correct and appropriate application.
  • Provide adequate lighting during application.
  • Apply a thick layer with an atomizer on the surface of the varnish, and then spread it with a clean, dry and low-absorbent microfiber.
  • You can also apply directly to the microfiber and rub the varnish and the traditional way with suede microfiber.
  • You can apply to the entire item as long as it is quite small. For large items, divide the surfaces into at least two parts.
  • 5 minutes after application, start lapping with a clean microfiber. A higher grammage microfiber can be used for the first lapping and a fine microfiber for the final lapping.
  • The coating may dry faster at higher temperatures.
The coating will cure completely within 14 days of application. It is important not to cause excessive dirt, especially on the lower parts of the door – then we will lose the water-repellent properties to a large extent. If this happens, it is better to wash the car with a neutral shampoo than to leave the dirt on the surface.


  • Begin your daily routine by softening dirt with Deturner FOAM. Then, use the two-bucket washing method, using a neutral Deturner shampoo ONLY and a gentle washing mitt. Carry out ongoing care at least every two weeks.
  • For care removing mineral impurities, including water stains, use an acid shampoo: Deturner Sour Shampoo & Foam acc. label recommendations. When used correctly, the product will restore the water-repellent properties. Use when the water-repellent effect disappears on the surface.
  • Dry the surfaces thoroughly each time. After washing, the coating can be easily strengthened with Deturner Ceramic Detailer.


  • Do not use on surfaces: glass, rubber, vinyl, fabric, leather.
  • Wipe off excess coating within the specified time specified in the instructions. If left for a long time, it will become more difficult to remove.
  • Use personal protective equipment, including gloves and a mask.
  • Do not use on hot elements or in direct sunlight.
  • Never apply the product to the entire surface of the vehicle at once, use element by element.
  • Do not expose the protected surface to contact with water or moisture for 24 hours after application, the setting time of the direct coating depends on the ambient temperature and humidity.


The coating should be stored at a temperature of 10-25 ° C. Use within 14 days after opening. Shake the bottle thoroughly before each use.